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                The constant shift in population quality of living directly affects different industries and services—marketing campaigns. A wide range of external and internal influences affect this pattern. In such a scenario, successful promotion is only feasible if the correct approaches are applied depending on a person's life aspects and emotional dimension. The key areas of manufacturing and service distribution are examined in this scientific paper. The usage of advertising formulas is acquired correlated with the complexities of an uncertain standard of life. The extent to which marketing campaigns rely on human existence adjustments is studied. This study was carried out in the context of a questionnaire utilizing marketing research. The findings of this analysis are outlined and summarised in-depth in this project. The writers explored the perspectives for further expanding the usage of high-quality existence and its protection in the structure of different promotional instruments. The factors in question also have been established, which affect the choice of those answers related to public attention and marketing preferences. Services or services.

    1. Introduction

                The complexities of shifts in population quality are ongoing in the modern world. The explanation behind this mechanism is that there are various situations both in a certain area and worldwide. Statistics indicate that different scales can influence the community's quality of life and will change the marketing strategy and the business climate. Those incidents should be taken into account:

    − political, e.g. new president's election;

    − economic – currencies, penalties;

    − behavioral − developing behavior welcoming or intolerant to different social groups;

    − social - the transmission of contamination with coronavirus and more.

                The deterioration in the standard of life was apparent in 2020 and was linked to all of the above circumstances (Ghahtarani et al., 2020). Many have lost loved ones, work, or the monthly salary, which allows them to properly organize their families, recreation, etc.

                In such a case, the State, different business units, and the media are the most powerful, successful instruments which can help the community combat poverty or its feeling. The State provides its residents with diverse incentives and subsidies, which offer additional facilities for the state with small and medium-sized enterprises. Understanding well that the population's standard of life would rely on its consistency. On the other hand, different companies aim and evolve and improve their ability, change their corporate marketing strategies, and create new roles to communicate with the customer (Darmody & Zwick, 2020). The growing impact of Internet marketing and web advertisement during a pandemic, contactless distribution of every commodity, and many more can be examples of such improvements (Astratova, 2016).

                During strict self-isolation, the figures on the growth in the amount of internet traffic in various countries rose rapidly: for instance, in Italy, following the quarantine declaration, it grew by 70% in France – by 30%. After the beginning of March, its volumes have risen by 20-30% on average in the USA and Russia (Shelton, 2020). The existing dynamics of volatility and uncertainty regarding tomorrow drive brands to actively look for and promote innovative, profitable strategies for doing business. Promotion on the Internet is the most economical. Consequently, a decline in company profits relies on this specific choice for more contact with prospective purchasers (Kotras, 2020). The transition in promotional material, which is still focused on the most relevant issues for the population, is worth mentioning. Currently, the topics of hygiene, safety, and the danger of COVID-19 infection, which the manufacturers believe would save you this or that good or service (Al-Omoush et al., 2020). The key directions for industries to use a similar strategy to develop their promotional strategies are pharmaceuticals, home chemicals, and tobacco products, but oppositely, the possibility of infection when used. This kind of background is not completely truthful, on the one side because there are no scientific confirmations and hits on the second fundamental phase of the need for the protection of the pyramid of Maslow affecting a person's self-preservation instinct. On the other side, it is also a promising development focused on the real desires of the customer.

                Modifications in the figures on sales of household chemicals and other disinfectants in 2020 as opposed to 2019 will follow the severity of the effect of protection requirements: sales of ground cleaning items in Russian retail have jumped by 98 percent since the beginning of April, wet wipes by 51 and -50%. Thus, the importance of this initiative is indisputable, as a high-performance predictor of brand concepts and publicity promotions cannot be achieved without a thorough review of the population's actual lives.

                It is important to note also, that the constantly changing dynamics of events and the presence of additional factors that in one way or the other affect the well-being of an individual, his or her mood, earnings, and health status will, on the one hand, affect the activities of diverse types of enterprise positively. In other words, a change in the standard of life of the community has such a broad and conflicting impact, reflecting an increase in the number of demands and demand levels, as well as much of the time a decline in population buying power and, as a result, a decrease in market value. Therefore, when the public has such a small quality of life that it cannot afford basic commodities, the state and all its entities are financially disadvantageous. Based on financial ability, government institutions are also trying to make any attempt to sustain a healthy quality of life outcome.

                To implement this prosperity, government authorities provide their residents with extra social services and benefits and provide factories or franchisors with the potential for their rehabilitation during an economic recession by offering exemptions for small and medium-sized enterprises. These indulgences during the pandemic caused many businessmen to remain on their feet and not lose the company. Reduced tax rates, an increase in the rental term for various business properties, a decrease in loan interest rates, a higher benefit for the unemployed, taking into consideration their rise as a result of coronavirus infection, and payments associated with the presence of small children in the family - all these measures were taken to support governments.

    2. Statement of Issue

                To achieve high indicators of the outcome of a business' business activities in the phase of marketing its goods, a successful plan for more acts is needed. They must be tailored to the new business situation and the whole environment. Only through considering existing market desires will the potential to meet high-performance metrics be accomplished. Business advertisers have to consider the current global developments, news, and the presence of all niches of Maslow's needs pyramid, on which the standard of quality of life often depends (Maslow, 2019). Each of the above bodies is of great significance for the growth of the company. This study's task may thus be formulated: to assess the degree to which the company's marketing practices rely on the shifts in the lives of its future customers. A detailed study of the effects of quality benchmarks on citizens would allow for better monitoring of innovation dynamics through marketing resources (Bergkvist & Eisend, 2020).

    3. Questions on research

                The questions of this study were: Do the factors depend on the marketing operation of the company? What are the most significant influences on marketing activities for 2020? How relevant is the analysis of the standard of life of the community for the calculation of marketing efficacy indicators? How can Maslow's multilevel principle of individual desires for promotional strategies be used? Are citizens of different ages aware of numerous worldwide advertisement conditions that somehow affect their buying choice? How do those situations affect the preference of the different target demographic in the form of advertising? How far have the tastes of consumers shifted due to coronavirus spread?

    4: Purpose of the Study :

                The purpose of this project can be taken into account: to perform marketing research produced by the project writers. The study's findings correctly represent the degree of sensitivity of customers of various age groups in the light of changing living conditions. In addition, the key avenues are defined for the successful usage of marketing analysis approaches. These approaches enable the analysis of the measure of dependency on the community's quality of life of the product marketing strategy. The process of evaluating the findings of the analysis would then start. Depending on the data collected, findings would be developed in a questionnaire on each aspect of marketing analysis. The questionnaire itself, its composition, and the degree of involvement of respondents involved in marketing research would be studied. The writers of the scientific paper would assess future opportunities to increase the level of marketing campaigns of variables impacting the quality of life. After the report, certain life themes in advertisements and other marketing strategies were recommended.

    5. Methods of research

                In this paper, the writers published research on science marketing in the context of a Google Forms questionnaire. Due to the rapid collection and processing speed, this option of the study was selected. It can also be noted that interviewing is more expedient since it helps one obtain the most important information about customer views about those topics. Another good feature of marketing testing in an online study is that the questionnaires are returned directly after receiving them. That third actor has a little psychological and emotional impact on respondents who participate in the implementation process. To consider the interests of all target segments in specific goods or services, 50 citizens of diverse sexes and ages participated in the survey procedure. The questionnaire consisted of seven questions on the feasibility of promotion and an emotionally influential publicity sense in different fields. The questions also addressed publicity presence and degree of exposure to determine the connection between advertisement formulations and multiple world/state/regional events. The study's findings in this survey represent vividly the circumstance where customers hardly remember the meaning and unintentionally buy a product/service dependent on their emotional condition.

                The questionnaire collected thoroughly met the theoretical principles of the questionnaire protocol. The framework was constructed following the scheme of components, including the preamble, i.e. the portion to clarify as plainly as possible the significance and intent of the future study, and the value of this respondent's presence, in which he would contribute to the improvement phase of one or two social research projects. The next aspect was the key component of which questions of different forms and the degree of complexity were ordered in the right order. To pass this questionnaire comfortably, the respondent did not have to devote a lot of time and analytical energy.
                The questionnaire was used as a single query with a multivariate solution and different questions of size and ranking. Such a range of questions is simpler for the respondent to imagine its mindset toward this or that phenomenon under such circumstances. Therefore, it is more convenient for the researchers Selbst to enter the data collected into other systems that represent the case. Last but not least, questionnaires are asked about their personal aspects, such as gender, age, salary, schooling, the key profession, and much more.

                In addition, at the final level of thanks, the survey moderators thanked the participants for their cooperation and high-quality responses. They informed them that their contributions to the procedure would make a tremendous contribution to further developing certain phenomena.

    6. Conclusions

                As a result, 50 people participated in the study with different gender, ages, levels of income, education, and other socio-demographic characteristics. The response rates show a certain reliance on many factors: age and sex. Concerning these considerations and their views, the respondents preferred alternatives linked, for example, to the emotional effect of advertisements and vocabulary usage in ads focused on improvements to the quality of life. It was necessary to monitor the attitude of the respondents, and the attitude of the citizens since the majority of the ads and marketing practices is precisely dependent on their emotional effect and on the management of basic needs.
    The study was also attended by respondents:

    − aged 18 to 25 years – 61.3% − between 26 and 31% – 12.9% − from 32 and 40 – 12.9% − between 41% and beyond – 12.9% −.

                Interestingly, most respondents (61.3 percent) decided that advertisement is the best way to influence a future customer. The emotion that respondents regard as the most efficient in advertisement formulations was also necessary to decide. The most famous response to this query was then terror, which gains more than 35% of the total.

                The remaining answers to this query about the effect of customers on the emotional aspect are divided into the following percentages: 23% of the respondents gave optimistic feelings and excitement, 20% gave broadcasting to the stability of life that everybody desires, and the ultimate choice was tolerance of others – that is to say approximately 18% of respondents. This answer should definitely be seen as terror and self-preservation instincts are fundamental human needs. Advertising dependent on this emotion is, therefore, more effective. This is the rationale for specialist marketers' promotional campaigns and the decline in living standards, which poses a danger to life or a possible degradation. The usage of subjects relating to the nature of human life in advertisements is certainly not completely frank and humane. In modern situations, every human and everyone is fighting pending for a better life and, of course, this better life isn't always won by anyone. Discussing such activities may also have a very detrimental impact on an individual's psychological wellbeing.

                The next move was customer ability to monitor the usage of such activities as a more strategic element of a product or service, so the query was, "How often can you find the wording in ads ...?" - Response: "yes" 41,9%, "no" - 48,4%, and "I find it difficult to comment" - 9,7%. The last issue of the study was the determination of the leading field of products and services. This approach is more actively employed to modify the standard of life of the community in the form of promotional tools. Obviously, medicinal and medical products that earned over 50 percent of the votes from respondents would be the most important areas closely relevant to the protection and satisfaction of human life. The second sector was cigarette manufacturing, but here terror could frighten future buyers of negative purchasing. That is, in this case, manufacturers of specialized products to quit smoking use the pretext of reducing the quality of life, not only due to the threat to health from the tobacco smoke itself but also from the spread of coronavirus infection, which, according to experts, makes smokers are at greater risk of getting sick.

    7. Finding

                The study findings have thus shown that the degree of reliance of the specialists on such marketing instruments on the standard of life of the community is quite strong. The writers of the project explored many variables that influence the quality of life to differing degrees. The findings of a questionnaire survey on the study subject were subsequently collected. It became apparent that the usage of emotionally significant life themes in the advertisement is extremely successful. This hypothesis was founded on the fact that the key emotion which maximizes the consumer's impact is fear. The desire for security and the need for self-preservation thus drives the prospective buyer to take action. It also became apparent from scientific experiments that the only industries allowed by such approaches are human health industries, i.e. pharmaceuticals and medicine. The markets for household chemicals, that is to say, something that will somehow prevent the population from spreading coronaviruses, and funds for those that want to stop smoking, were identified in addition to production areas, in this case, the motive to defend the consumer against infection threats and reduce the risk of this infection.

                In the face of such a pattern, obviously, the writers of this article suggest that they concentrate on a person's specific needs when designing such promotional strategies because, at the moment, the basic physiological needs of a person are emerging after a lengthy and fast deterioration in the quality of life. And, amid a strong degree of help and funding for common citizens and entrepreneurs in different ways, most frequently in financial and state affairs, the 2020 living standards index continues to fall and scares all with such a pessimistic dynamic. Humanity. Humanity. Marketing activities can, however, in any event, be humane and take into consideration any potential and mandatory risk to human psychological wellbeing and other facets of life.

                It is also worth mentioning that the questionnaire sample showed the highest amount of measures of visual percentages of different socio-demographic variables and others. The survey was conducted following all theoretical standards, structure, and several different forms of query classification. It can, in fact, be noted that the participants participated in the process actively and did not waste any time and analytical capital. Both problems were formulated in straightforward and clear language, and no inconsistencies existed. For the respondents, both questionnaires were carried out in a suitable mode of operation. Google returned all profiles immediately and was processed fast and efficiently.

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