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    Networking for Small Businesses to Increase Clients and Market Professional Services

     Networking for Small Businesses to Increase Clients and Market Professional Services

     Networking for Small Businesses to Increase Clients and Market Professional Services

            It's conceivable that, like marketing and sales, the idea of networking makes you uncomfortable. When most service professionals hear the word "networking," they think of the old-school business attitude of promotional networking at meet-and-greet events, where everyone is there to schmooze and manipulate one another in the hopes of gaining an edge for themselves or their company.

            Who wouldn't shiver at the prospect of exchanging banalities and sales pitches for an hour or two while wearing a false grin to disguise their discomfort? If it seems awkward, self-serving, or deceitful, all those business cards you acquired are likely to wind up in a desk drawer, never to be seen again, since you'll be so afraid of following up that you'll postpone until they're forgotten.

            Don't lose hope! There is wonderful news to report! That doesn't have to be the case. The Book Yourself Solid Small Business Networking Strategy has a unique approach to networking, focusing on connecting and sharing with others. All you have to do now is change your mindset from one of scarcity and fear to one of plenty and love. The focus of the Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy is on giving and sharing truly and freely to develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with others. It's all about establishing long-term relationships.

    What to Do If You Want More Clients at Small Business Networking Events

    ✅ Arrive on time—This isn't the time to make a great debut by being fashionably late or to explain any excuses for your tardiness. Nobody gives a damn. If you're late and someone notices, apologize and move on.

    ✅ Relax and be yourself—you don't have to fit in, contrary to popular belief. It may sound clichéd, but be yourself, unless you want to end the night with your tie wrapped around your head and your nose-diving into the shrimp salad. People want to meet the person who is out in front, who is making the rules and leading the pack, not the one who is trailing behind. So don't be frightened to be completely yourself. You will be more remembered if you are.

    ✅ Do smile and be friendly—Men and women alike may be concerned that a large smile may be seen as a come-on or that they are yearning for attention. You will be held back by your dread of being misunderstood. Allow it to go! It's preferable to err on the side of a broad, pleasant grin than to be perceived as hostile or distant.

    ✅ Do put your attention on giving—If you put your attention on giving yourself, you'll reap the benefits in spades. You will be far less successful if you concentrate on what you can gain.

    ✅ Prepare for the event by learning the organizers' and some of the important actors' names. Identify who you know (without being a name-dropper), what you know (without being a know-it-all), and what you can give from your heart (without making assumptions) to the individuals who will be at this specific event. You never know what will make a difference in someone's life.

    ✅ Introduce yourself to the event's host—this individual may be a fantastic addition to your network. Always remember to say, "Thank you."

    ✅ Do you walk up to a big wig at a major seminar or event and say, "Here's what I do, and here's my business card?" If there's someone you want to meet at a major seminar or event, someone renowned in your sector, do you walk up to them and say, "Here's what I do, and here's my business card"? No way! You begin by expressing gratitude. "I simply wanted to tell you that your work had a huge impact on me," you remark, or "Your work encouraged me to do this or that." Then the next time you're at the same event, say something like, "I'd love to handle your coffee cup." “I would love to help you in any manner that would bring value to your life or work,” she says. “I don't think so,” she may remark, but what have you got to lose? Alternatively, she may answer, "Yeah, you seem like a very sincere and compassionate person." I've got some things for you to do.” Keep in mind that successful and busy individuals usually have more on their plates than they can handle. They're always on the lookout for talented individuals who can assist them in making their lives simpler. You've made a lifelong friend if you can assist someone lessens their stress level.

    ✅ While feasible, offer something when meeting someone for the first time— Offer appreciation, sympathy, or a connection (as in the case above). They will view you differently from the one who pushed a business card in their face and said, "Let's keep in contact, man," when you can say, "I know someone you've got to meet," or "There's a terrific book I think may give the solution to your problem." They'll remember you if you can make them feel even better, more elevated, and energetic following their meeting with you.

    ✅ Starting discussions with questions is a terrific way to go, especially if you're anxious. It pulls the focus away from you and puts it on the other person. It enables you to learn something new while doing so.

    ✅ Folks are drawn to others who are curious and inquisitive, so think about two or three things you'd like to learn from the people at the occasion.

    ✅ Make eye contact with the person you're conversing with—it shows respect and interest in the person you're conversing with. Also, keep your attention on the person you're conversing with. Don't you think it makes me feel neglected if you're talking to me but your eyes are continually roaming the room for someone more important or relevant to you?

    ✅ Do dress comfortably—If you're fidgeting or worried about how you appear in clothes that aren't comfortable or fit correctly, you'll feel self-conscious, and others will notice.

    ✅ Take the initiative and approach strangers to establish acquaintances. People enjoy being quizzed about themselves, their interests, and their families. This is the moment to learn a few personal details that can help you discover a shared interest that will make bonding simpler and more natural.

    ✅ Hold your drink with your left hand and give a solid handshake. It's no longer necessary to wipe your wet hand on your jeans before shaking hands. Guys, don't believe shaking hands with a woman is any different from shaking hands with a man. A strong handshake is always appropriate (but not a death hold).

    ✅ Do be inclusive—invite people to participate in your discussions; this is crucial. Don't monopolize individuals, especially those in high demand, such as the event's keynote speaker. It makes the speaker feel uneasy. Remember that they're also there to meet a lot of people. Others who want to meet the person you're attempting to keep to yourself will be irritated. Ask the speaker if there is anyone you can introduce her to, or simply keep incorporating people in your talks with her if you want to assist. Others at the event will remember you as someone who helped them easily network and navigate the event, and the speaker will remember you as someone who helped them effortlessly network and navigate the event.

    ✅ To request a business card and follow up—You must request a card if you want one, and you also must follow up. When it comes to building true human relationships, it's all about quality over quantity. You'll do yourself a big disservice if you rush around an event throwing out and collecting business cards from everybody and everyone as if there were a prize for the most cards collected at the end. Remember that just because someone hands your business card doesn't imply you have their consent to add them to your mailing or e-zine list. You don't have it. You can and should send them a personal email as a follow-up, but you should not and cannot add them to your mailing list. You don't have the authority to do so. This is one of my pet peeves. I believe that 25% of the time I'm asked for my business card at a conference, I'm automatically added to another newsletter list. That's not cool.

    ✅ Always have a pen with you—When you receive a business card, jot down any follow-up commitments, what you discussed, any personal details, or add details that will help you remember the person and personalize future contact, and be sure to mention the date and name of the occasion where you met.

    What Not to Do at Small Business Networking Events If You Want More Clients

    ❎ Don't pretend to appear cool—And don't exaggerate your achievement to compensate for your nerves; this is a great turn-off.

    ❎ Allow “What do you do?” rather than being the first thing you ask, to come up naturally in the discussion.

    ❎ While it may be more comfortable to sit with individuals you know for most of the event, it becomes too simple to stay with them, and if you do, you will undermine the point of being there. Experiment with new individuals and move out of your comfort zone.

    ❎ Avoid juggling many objects by traveling light. This way, you won't have to juggle your coat, handbag, briefcase, drink, or buffet plate. Keep your right hand free for handshakes and scribbling notes on any business cards.

    ❎ Don't whine about networking or the event you're attending—in fact, don't whine about anything. It's easy to get caught up in the complaining loop, especially at gatherings where practically everyone seems a little uneasy. While whining is a good ice breaker, it isn't very appealing. Change the topic to something like, "Have you tasted the shrimp?”—Instead, use the chance to promote Book Yourself Solid, a fantastic book that has changed your perspective on networking gatherings.

    ❎ Don't take yourself too seriously, and don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself. We're all simply ordinary individuals.

    ❎ You're always networking and marketing your professional services and small business.

    ❎ Connections with individuals who can send you business will be the source of your profits. Whether it's a delighted customer who recommends you to others; another professional who can book you for speaking engagements, write about you, or collaborate with you; or the manager at the video shop who loves your big, pleasant grin every weekend and the referral for a terrific babysitter you made when he badly needed one.

    ❎ The notion of building a wonderful network of contacts doesn't have to be daunting or daunting with the Book, Yourself Solid Small Business Networking Strategy. We all network daily, with everyone. Now all we have to do is perform it more consciously and with greater awareness until it becomes a normal and comfortable part of our everyday routine.

    ❎ After that, follow up. Please stay in contact. You must enter each of your connections into your database and take action on each one. Your networking is meaningless if the contact isn't in your database or if you don't take the essential steps to stay in touch. Keep a copy of this information with you at all times—a PDA, a planner, or a personal address book—so you can connect with people right away rather than having to contact them later.

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