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    Top 10 Project Management Software Programs

     Top 10 Project Management Software Programs

                Best project management software: How did we choose? It’s no secret that the software you use can make or break your success as an entrepreneur or freelancer. That’s why it’s essential to have top-quality project management software that not only helps you get your work done but also makes you more productive in the process.

    Top 10 Project Management Software Programs

                We all know how important it is to keep our projects on track and work efficiently. Project management tools can help by streamlining, organizing, and facilitating communications so that you can stay organized and on top of tasks. However, there are so many project management software programs available that it’s hard to tell which one is right for your team. Below we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most popular project management software options for your business or organization based on popularity, reviews, pricing and more

    The best project management programs are...

                Project management software is a lifesaver for small businesses. With so many options out there, however, it can be tough to determine which program works best for your needs. We ranked ten of today's most popular project management programs based on features and service offerings and analyzed user reviews to identify common patterns and helpful tips. Check out our list below

    1) Asana

                The Best Overall Project Manager for Businesses of All Sizes One of Asana’s standout features is a simple way to add tasks from email and get notifications whenever new tasks are assigned. It’s also super easy to track bugs and projects within Slack. If you’re already using Slack, I highly recommend combining it with Asana because it makes collaboration seamless between teams, whether you have three people or 30 on your company. The best thing about Asana is its customizability—you can create as many projects and boards as you need. And if there’s a feature that doesn’t fit your needs exactly, you can usually set up an IFTTT recipe to do whatever you want automatically.

    2) GanttProject

                GanttProject is a free and open-source software project management tool that offers native support for MS Project files. Using GanttProject in conjunction with MS Project allows users to view and update project plans, add custom fields, associate resources to tasks, track progress using visual reports and more. If you’re looking for an intuitive program that includes a familiar interface, then look no further than GanttProject. Furthermore, it runs on Windows XP or higher and is compatible with most major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). And since it’s completely free to use, there’s no excuse not to try it out!

    3) Trello

                This online tool, from a design agency out of Silicon Valley, is great for managing small- to medium-sized projects with collaborators. Its boards, lists and cards make it easy to visualize and organize workflows. For instance, Trello's project management software makes it easy to keep track of what each team member is working on and how far along they are with certain tasks by using checklists. It also allows teams to update their progress in real time. It offers integrations with other top project management software programs such as Jira, Slack and Google Drive so users can access all their data in one place. Another benefit: Trello also has a free version available for people who are just getting started or running low on funds. Read Full Review of Trello here .

    4) Podio

                We decided to add Podio because of its ease of use and how intuitive it is. This cloud-based platform can help teams take projects from concept to completion. It offers a wide range of integrations, file storage options, and third-party apps that can be used with your project management software. You don’t have to worry about security issues either; Podio has you covered there as well. All file transfers are encrypted, and sharing files with outside parties is simple.

    5) ActiveCollab

                ActiveCollab allows you to create as many projects as you want and have unlimited users working on it. It has an interactive Gantt chart for tasks management and time tracking, which makes it easy to see when something is going wrong. You can use your favorite desktop client or even their native mobile apps. ActiveCollab also has a built-in messenger so that you can communicate with your team members privately if need be. You don’t have to worry about backups, either; ActiveCollab lets you save everything in their servers or locally on your hard drive, where you can also access them from any device.

    6) Mavenlink

                We selected Mavenlink as our top project management tool for three reasons: flexibility, comprehensive software capabilities and outstanding customer service. The real beauty of Mavenlink is that it’s a little bit like comparing apples to oranges. It excels at tasks that other project management programs don’t have in their bag of tricks. At its core, it's a simple PM program but one that can grow with your business as you start accepting clients and projects are more complex than simply assigning resources and tracking time worked.

    7) Smartsheet

                Smartsheet’s intuitive project management software allows you to set up professional task sheets and overviews in minutes. It works with Google Apps, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and JIRA, meaning you can use your preferred cloud storage as a central data hub. Smartsheet is free for personal use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try—you might find that it saves you hours on end. If you have already spent time learning how to use Smartsheet or don’t like it for some reason, feel free to choose another option from our list of top 10 project management software programs.

    8) Wrike

                Wrike is a cloud-based platform that works on multiple devices, from Android phones to iPhones to Windows and Mac computers. Wrike allows for time tracking, Gantt charts, task assignment and work logs. Users can also store attachments in their Wrike account. The company recently launched an app store that includes over 500 apps created by Wrike users. These third-party tools are integrated into your project plans within Wrike, allowing you to edit your tasks right inside of a Gmail or Outlook window without having to switch between programs. Notifications are sent when deadlines are coming up or when important information has been added to tasks—which means that it’s easy for team members or clients to stay informed about how things are going with their project too.

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