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    10 Tips to Choose a Great Name for Your Shopify Store

     10 Tips to Choose a Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    If you’re looking to start an online store, choosing the right name for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make, particularly if you plan on doing any branding or social media marketing later on. So how do you choose the right name? Well, in this article we will give you some tips and tricks to help you find that perfect Shopify store name!

    1) Ensure it's available

    The first thing you'll want to do is check if your chosen store name is available with Shopify. When you sign up, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of pre-made storefronts; one of which will probably be ideal for your business. You can then see exactly how that store looks and decide whether or not it's worth paying $79/month (or $39/month) for it. If your desired name isn't available, think about choosing something similar. Remember: when customers can't find you, they're much less likely to buy from you! Consider an existing brand: The name doesn't have to be entirely original—in fact, it's better if it isn't!

    2) Keep it Simple

    Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    Resist your urge to be too clever. It’s important that your store name is easy for customers to remember and it should describe what you sell without being overly vague or confusing. The key is clarity. Here are some examples of Shopify store names: Family Style - Eat Here Store, LOL Swag Shirts, Beard Care Supply Store.

    3) Consider SEO Factors

    A great name should also be easily searchable. Take your time in choosing something catchy and unique so that you can differentiate yourself from other stores. You’ll also want to choose a domain name with clear keyword associations. For example, if you’re selling home décor products, use keywords such as home, decor, or even Shopify store name ideas. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to research relevant keywords associated with your niche (i.e., high-traffic long-tail keywords) that people are already searching for; these could be potential names or strong ones worth considering.

    4) Use it in a Hashtag

    Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    We live in an age where everything is being tracked by everyone. Like, literally everything. There’s no escaping from it. If you want to sell something, make sure you use hashtags that people will actually search for. For example, I could have used #shopifystorenameideas as my hashtag but there are not many people searching that so I didn’t do it. However, if your product is about trending topics or social justice issues then you should consider using those hashtags because they get searched on Google and Instagram all of the time! It’s just simple marketing 101—use what your potential customers will be searching for when they look up your store on Google and Instagram!

    5) Don't Pick Word Names

    General Shopify store names tend to be long and wordy, which is why they can be difficult to remember. You don't want people stumbling over your name when they read it or see it in an email. If you pick one word, chances are it won't convey anything about your store or niche. Don't limit yourself—see how many ways you can make your store name unique, memorable, and relevant! In our previous post on naming your Etsy store, we went into more detail on how to choose a great name for your online business. A similar strategy can work well with naming your Shopify store!

    6) Avoid Trademark Infringement

    Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    Choosing a great name is important if you want your business to stand out, but it's also challenging. Make sure that your store name isn't infringing on someone else's trademark. You don't want another company shutting down your website because of trademark infringement. When choosing a Shopify store name, avoid using other trademarks in your naming scheme as well. It may seem fun and cute, but it could spell trouble later on.

    7) Avoid Numbers or Abbreviations

    It's best not to use numbers or abbreviations as they can be confusing. This also goes with using words that have multiple meanings, like dude and girls. These ideas are generic, difficult to trademark, and easy for someone else to take. Instead, stick with something descriptive of your product or service. It can still be creative; it just needs more thought behind it. This will help you choose a name that people remember. Consider potential future expansion: You're going to want your store name now, but consider what other names you may want later down the road. Perhaps if you decide on general Shopify store names now, you'll be ready when your line expands!

    8) Check Whether There is Any Similar Stores Already Out There

    Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    Before you dive headfirst into creating your business, you should check whether any other businesses have registered similar store names. If they have, chances are it will be tough (if not impossible) to get people to remember your business. So make sure that there aren't any other stores with similar names by doing a quick search on Google. Even if there aren't any existing stores with identical names, you might find some still worth trying out, but don't pick one if there are a ton of them! Remember that short and catchy is always better than long and boring when choosing your Shopify store name. Shorter names will also help with SEO optimization in addition to being easier for people to remember and type in when searching online.

    9) Try Before You Buy

    Naming your store is much like naming anything else. You want something that will stand out and be memorable but isn’t overly descriptive. Try putting together a few different options and see what people think. You can also try checking out existing stores with similar niches as yours and see if you like their names; sometimes it helps to know what’s already out there, so you don’t accidentally choose something someone else has picked. Other times it may spur some new ideas or give you inspiration on how to go about choosing your own Shopify store name. Just remember that while there are plenty of great names available, they may not be available anymore once you get done typing them in!

    10) Stay Flexible on the Details

    Great Name for Your Shopify Store

    You’ll notice that most of these name suggestions have one thing in common: they’re simple and descriptive. There’s a good reason for that. It can be hard to choose an appropriate name because you know your product so well, but potential customers might not share your perspective. But do you really need everyone to understand what it is?

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