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    10 Ways Yelp Helps Grow Your Business

     10 Ways Yelp Helps Grow Your Business

    Did you know that Yelp can help your business grow? With over 157 million unique visitors every month, Yelp reaches more consumers than any other website or app and provides an essential platform to get the word out about your company and connect with new customers. Here are 10 ways that Yelp can help your business grow in 2022.

    1) Sign up with Yelp

    If you’re a business owner who wants to attract new customers, Yelp is a must. Here are some of our favorite features that will help you find, engage and grow your customer base: 1) Claim your free Yelp page and fill it with rich content. You can include information like hours of operation, photos of your store or staff, or even special offers or promotions. 2) Ask for reviews from happy customers. People love to talk about great experiences and chances are if someone spent money at your business they’ll be more than happy to leave a positive review on Yelp.

    2) Claim your free listing

    Claiming your Yelp business listing is easy and free. Just fill out some basic information, verify that you are who you say you are (and then Yelp will call to confirm it!), and then add a few photos of your store or restaurant. Once your listing is live, make sure to respond to customers quickly and positively interact with them; when people see that you’re responding to their concerns, they're much more likely to come back for more. And if you ever need any help with a customer service issue or simply want to learn how others manage similar problems, read up on Yelp Talk!

    3) Add photos

    Adding photos to your Yelp listing will help you stand out from other local businesses. Photos also allow customers to see what your business looks like and connect with your brand more easily. To add photos, click Edit Info at the top of your Yelp business page, select Add Photos, choose a photo from a previous upload or take a new one with a smartphone, and then select a location for it (you can also upload photos in bulk). Adding an image helps you stand out and get noticed by potential customers. Customers are far more likely to choose businesses that have images on their Yelp pages; some studies indicate that they're 60 percent more likely than those without images.

    4) Engage on Yelp

    Just as you would with any other social network, it’s important to engage on Yelp. This can include writing reviews of your own business, leaving comments on others’ posts, and adding photos of your products or services. It’s especially helpful if you can provide content that answers questions related to your industry or area. Additionally, Yelp encourages users to recommend their favorite businesses with a feature called People Love Us On Yelp in which small business owners can post text that appears within a badge on their company profile. People will see these badges in search results for relevant keywords and click through to find out more about what you have to offer.

    5) Respond to reviews

    Customers look to Yelp to help them find a business they’ll love. That means it’s important to use your free business owner account on Yelp to respond to reviews. Responding is easy! Simply go into your Yelp business page and click Respond underneath any review that needs your attention. You can also send a message directly through Yelp by selecting Contact This User. When you do, you have an opportunity to tell a customer how much you appreciate them reaching out—and thank them for their feedback!

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    6) Reach out via email alerts

    Yelp's email alerts are another way to stay on top of what's happening on Yelp, whether you have a business account or not. When you receive one, you'll be privy to all sorts of information--including questions and reviews that have been posted about your business, actions you need to take (like respond to a complaint or review), feedback from other local businesses, and more. You can even customize what kinds of things get sent to your inbox based on different criteria--say only when it's something important or relevant. You can also filter notifications based on location so if you're traveling for work but want to know about something that happens back home, it's easy!

    7) Understand review metrics

    Review metrics give you valuable insights into how your business is perceived on Yelp. Take a look at your rating, view counts, and review rate, as well as average times on site and pages per visit, to see how many people are interacting with your business online. With so much insight into what’s working and what isn’t, you can use review data to identify areas for improvement. For example, maybe customers love what you do but aren’t expressing that in their reviews. If people love your service but aren’t taking action by reviewing it, make it easy for them—offer discounts for customers who leave reviews, host a Yelp event or offer coupons for those who share their experience online.

    8) Use Yelp search in marketing campaigns

    Did you know that 70% of Yelp searches happen on mobile devices? Making sure you rank well in mobile search can increase customer engagement and drive more people to your location. So even if you don’t think your business is a fit for Yelp, it still pays to be on it—or as part of a local campaign with other local businesses. Local search has never been easier or more important than it is now, and optimizing your online presence is an easy way to stay relevant to both customers and Google. By paying for placement, we mean making sure that if users look up your type of business in Yelp's Places or in local directory sites like Google My Business, you show up near (if not at) number one.

    9) Join local Yelp events

    One way to get started with Yelp is to find out what local events are happening in your area. If you own a local business, Yelp is a great place to find community events—you can post information about your business at these events and even set up some special deals. Even if you don’t plan on attending, checking out what others are saying about those local events could lead to solid leads for your business and connections with potential customers who might otherwise never have heard of you. It’s also a great way to network with other businesses—and potential clients—and make new connections.

    10) Invite more people to Yelp about you

    Many biz owners don’t know that Yelp has a referral program. By sending new customers to check you out on Yelp, you can not only put more people in front of your business but also grow those leads and encourage them to get involved with Yelp (which you won't because it'll help attract even more great customers). So hop over to yelp for biz owners and learn how to get more Yelpers coming into your business. Or check out our top 10 ways Yelp helps grow your business for a few ideas about getting Yelpers in the door right now.

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