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    How to get a small business loan – the fast and easy way!

    How to get a small business loan – the fast and easy way!


                Small businesses can face many challenges when seeking a loan, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to understand the types of loans small businesses can access. There are a variety of different types of loans available, from business loans to loans for equipment. Second, it’s important to research the different loan products available. There are a variety of different loan terms and interest rates, so it’s important to find the right loan for your business. 

    1- The business loan program is backed by the US government.

    1.1-How to get a small business loan

                The Small Business Administration, a US government agency designed to promote and assist small businesses, offers a variety of programs to entrepreneurs nationwide. One option is the 7(a) Guaranteed Loan Program. It is a loan program backed by the SBA.

                With this program, you can access up to $2 million from SBA-approved lenders to grow your business, whether it's buying inventory, real estate, or equipment or expanding into new markets. That might sound like a lot of money, but if your company is successful and generates revenue then you will be able to pay off the loan much faster than other loans may allow.

    Whether you are just starting out or need more funding for a growing business, visit SBA.gov for more information about how this might be the perfect solution for your needs!

    2- The Small Business Loan Guarantee Program.

                With the SBA Loan Guarantee Program, you can enjoy a competitive advantage by financing your business at competitive rates. In fact, while some lenders charge as much as 10% interest, the loan guarantee program can offer up to 8%.

                Our loan guarantors are among the largest financial institutions in the United States - providing access to a variety of banking services from mortgages and credit cards to investments and more.

    Take advantage of these benefits for yourself and for your business.

    3- Personal Loans

    3.1-How to get a small business loan

                We know you're busy and sometimes it can be hard to find a way to get your finances in order. That's why we offer personal loans from $1000-$30,000 with terms from 12-72 months.

                You don't have to worry about the credit score requirements because we can approve anyone!

    Apply for a loan today!

    4- A business credit card for $0.

                You're a small business owner, but you don't have a business credit card? What are you waiting for? With one from American Express OPEN, you can start transacting seamlessly with customers at home and abroad.

                Spend more time focusing on growing your business and less time on managing your finances by getting paid as quickly as two days after each sale.

    If you're a small-business owner looking for more convenience and better rates than your current options, it pays to take a look at American Express OPEN Business cards.

    5- Small Business Loans

    5.1-How to get a small business loan

                We know small business lending is one of the toughest spaces to operate in right now, especially when so many other banks aren't looking to lend.

                We offer a variety of small business loans and financing options that can provide you with the freedom to grow your business as well as give you the flexibility you need to take care of your day-to-day operations.

                We are here for YOU. Contact us today and let's explore how we can fund your small business!

    Want more information? Contact us at 855-GET LENDERS (855-438-6337)

    6- Guaranteed by the small business.

                Would you like a small business loan? It's as easy as one phone call. What would your business look like with more cash in its pocket?

                Wouldn't it be great if your small business could get a boost? We provide loans to small businesses nationwide - and our rates are better than ever. So take the first step toward creating your dream business.

    Get started today! Just give us a call.

    7- How to grow your business without risk

    7.1-How to get a small business loan

                If you're looking for a way to grow your business without risking anything, then this is the offer for you.

                What if there was a way to grow your business without risking any of your own money? Now there is!

                Introducing Growth Funds, where you can borrow up to $250,000 without even owning anything. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    Apply now and we'll tell you if you qualify!

    8- A name you can trust.

                When it comes to small business loans and other financial needs, we're here to help. Small business owners and entrepreneurs know better than anyone that every financial need deserves a strategic solution.

                Every customer has different requirements and goals, so why settle for anything less than the best? Whether your goal is generating more revenue or getting operational costs under control, we are your one-stop-shop for all things finance.

    We offer small business loans, lines of credit, cash advances, equipment financing, online financing programs, and government contracts – whatever you need to grow your business from day one through retirement or succession planning.

    9- You could go to a bank and wait in line for hours.

    9.1-How to get a small business loan

                You could make a long list of people you know, send them spammy emails, and hope they can get you a personal loan.

                Or you could take out a business loan online with a lender that specializes in lending to small businesses like yours.

    We've got the lowest rates available and have helped over 50,000 small businesses since 2000.

    10- The Right House.

                We're offering the opportunity for you to buy your dream home with low closing costs, from a local builder you can trust. You could even move in as soon as 3 weeks! With us, you can buy a house knowing your monthly payments are fixed and won't rise or fall based on interest rates.

                It doesn't matter what your credit is like. We work with banks and lenders who can be flexible to meet your needs so that you can find a home even if you have bad credit or no credit at all.

    Get in touch with us today to find out more information about our easy buying process - we'll find the best option for you!

    11- The New Retina display. Now in colossal and ginormous.

    11.1-How to get a small business loan

                Once you use an iMac, it becomes abundantly clear that the idea behind it has never wavered. We wanted to craft the ultimate desktop experience. The best collection, paired with heightened-performance processors, drawings, and depository-- all within an incredibly thin, seamless enclosure. And that commitment continues to show in the all-new 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4k display.

                Much like the revolutionary 27-inch 5K model, it delivers such a spectacular and immersive image quality that everything else around you seems to just disappear into the distant background. Continuously contributing to the most eye-gluing immersive iMac experience yet -- and another big, beautiful leap forward for computer technology. But more importantly, for you.

    Get an iMac today to experience what the future feels like in your hands.

    12- The role of small businesses in the American economy.

                From family businesses to fast-growing startups, small businesses are essential to America's economy.

                Yet many find it difficult to start or grow their business as they lack access to much-needed capital.

                    At San Francisco Community Bank, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and grow.

    That's why we offer a variety of loans for any size business - from those just starting out to those already established with a proven track record of success.

    13- Imagine investing in small businesses right in your community.

    13.1-How to get a small business loan

                That's the idea behind Small Business LoansTM from Minnesotans Community Credit Union!

                No matter what you need - a one-time cash infusion or a line of credit to pay off that past invoices - we offer loans at competitive rates. But that's not all - if your loan is approved, your fee will be waived on your first five checks, totaling $155!

    14- Find out how to get a small business loan, in the fast and easy way!

                We know how hard it can be for a small business owner to find the money you need when you need it most. That's why we created a program where you can get up to $250,000 in capital from experienced investors through your credit card or line of credit.

                Our goal is to provide a personalized service that matches your needs with the right investment opportunities - all so you can keep doing what you do best!

    Just fill out this simple form and learn more about our service and rates today!

    15- Grow your small business with Veritas Financial.

    15.1-How to get a small business loan

                The main inquiry is how can you increase your business? Starting a business is hard enough but growing one can be even harder. That's why you need a team that understands the challenges of owning a small business and a company that can offer support to make it happen.

                Owning a small business means balancing your needs, duties, and responsibilities while managing assets and liabilities. You don't hold time to gather it out independently. Nor should you have to be concerned about making expensive mistakes because there's no one else to help you.

                Start your free consultation today to learn more about our financial services geared toward helping small businesses succeed.

    16- Is your small business ready to grow?

                With our quick approval process and fully guaranteed loans, becoming a smart biz customer is the smartest way to go.

                You'll be able to choose from a variety of competitively priced products - from start-up loans and lines of credit to commercial mortgages and business cards.

    Let us make it easier for you with fast approvals and access to more loans than any other lender. Get started by taking advantage of our $0 application fee* today!

    17- Young entrepreneurs are now able to learn the ropes by providing 10% equity.

    17.1-How to get a small business loan

                When starting a business, capital is always the first thing that pops into mind and can sometimes be an obstacle. But thanks to some new investment options, you no longer need piles of cash to start up your own enterprise.

                With a low initial investment, as little as $500 - USD 1000, you can become an owner and stakeholder in a startup business and invest 10% equity without spending your entire savings account or risk going into debt.

    Have fun! Choose from different investments in various sectors and determine which one suits your investment goals best.

    18- A guide for small business owners.

                Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy task. There are so many unknowns and challenges to face. This is why we put together this guide to help small business owners find success quickly and easily by leveraging the knowledge of experts from around the world, experience from industry leaders, and lessons learned from those who've come before them.

                These resources will help you start your business, grow your business and protect your business so you can live the life you want.

    Download this free eBook now.

    19- Introducing the newest member of the Apple family.

    19.1-How to get a small business loan

                Say hello to your smart assistant, Siri. That's right, Siri is now available on your iPhone and iPad for those moments when you need a little help.

                You can ask Siri any question, from getting directions to finding out who won last night's game. You can also use Siri as a hands-free phone while driving so your eyes stay on the road and not on your phone. Plus, there are over one hundred thousand apps you can use with Siri so you can find anything you want with just a few words.

    Download the iOS 10 update today and explore all that Siri has to offer!

    20- New Features!

                We're proud to introduce two of our newest features: Pay and File and Instant Tax Refunds. These new features will save you both time and money!

                Pay & File lets you e-file your taxes with just a few clicks, and file your state return at the same time! Plus, there's no tax preparation fee! Instant Tax Refunds is for customers who want their refunds even faster than last year - we'll issue refunds up to a month before we typically would.

    To learn more about these new features, come visit us at our offices today from 8am to 5pm EST.

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