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    Is Employer-Based Health Insurance a Good Choice for You?

     Is Employer-Based Health Insurance a Good Choice for You?

    Intro :

                Employer-based health insurance is prevalent in the United States because employers are interested in keeping their health care expenses as low as possible.

                However, there are some problems with employer-based health insurance. One of those problems is that sometimes employers terminate employees due to a preexisting condition.

    Employer-based health insurance pros and cons:

                To find out more about employer-based health insurance and its pros and cons, click here.


    1. What are the problems with employer-based health insurance?

    1.1-employer-based health insurance


                If you're unfamiliar with health insurance, it may seem difficult to navigate. However, no matter your situation--from scared of change to overwhelmed-with-options--W&A Insurance is here to help! We work one on one with each individual person or family to tailor the perfect solution.

    If a person isn't eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or other government assistance, then they have three major options for their health care coverage: Employer Health Insurance; Private Health Insurance; and Uninsured/self-pay.

                Our experts will analyze your medical needs and finances and come up with a customized plan that is right for you. Call W&A Insurance today!

    2. What would happen if you got a reminder from your health insurance company telling you that your benefits are running out soon?


                When you get these messages, it will become very clear to you that health insurance is essential and important for Americans. You deserve the security of knowing that your healthcare needs are protected.

                If something happened, if you had a serious accident, injury, or ailment, you want to be confident that your health care is still provided even when things seem impossible.

    To read more about this topic and find out more information about our offerings click here.


    3.- Employer-based health insurance is a hot topic and can be complicated.

    3.1-employer-based health insurance

    👉Luckily, this article covers some of the most important points you need to know about employer-based health insurance and why it exists in the first place.

    👉Find out why employer-based health insurance is so prevalent in the United States and more importantly, find out if employer-based health insurance is right for you!

    👉Read this article for free now!

    4. Employer-based health insurance.

                There are plenty of great things about employer-based health insurance. But to understand its pros and cons, you need to know exactly what it is and how it came to be prevalent in the United States.

                The earliest known concept of employee health care coverage dates back over 100 years ago when a program called Blue Cross was introduced in 1929 by a company called Bureau of Industrial Insurance which later became known as the American Hospital Association.

                For an enlightening journey through the history of employer-sponsored health insurance, visit our page outlining this complex topic.

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    5. You work hard for your family, your business, and your community. You deserve health insurance.

    5.1-employer-based health insurance

                Healthcare in America is a complicated issue that affects virtually everyone and impacts their daily lives. That's why it's important to make sure you're getting the coverage you need so you can care for yourself and those who depend on you while also taking care of your own family.

                Health insurance could be something that protects against a potentially catastrophic event- but without health insurance protection, catastrophe could happen when you least expect it. This is why it's important to talk about this topic with the people who are important to you, so they can help protect those things that are dear to you.

                Call today and find out how affordable health insurance from John Hancock can be a reality for both you and your family.


    6. Struggling with health insurance? Get the facts.

                Health insurance can be a confusing subject for anyone and having too much misinformation can lead to getting a policy that does not meet your needs and does not work for you. However, there are certain universal facts when it comes to employer-sponsored health insurance coverage which will make this decision easier for you.

                Every employee of every company is entitled to benefits under the Affordable Care Act including reimbursement for health insurance coverage offered by their employer. This is called affordable care because your company provides a reimbursement towards the monthly costs your health plan incurs, making this possible.

                You should know these two things: if you don't want your employer paying on your behalf then look into getting a health care sharing ministry plan, but if you want assistance from your employer towards what are out-of-pocket costs, don't go without one!


    7. It's time to stop paying for health insurance your employer provides.

    7.1-employer-based health insurance

                You spend hours every day working hard to make your company a success. But when you need help, they don't always offer the level of support you need. One area where they often fall short is with your health insurance coverage - if they offer any at all.

                If your employer offers a traditional employer-sponsored health plan, they typically pay the majority of the premium - while you pay a little and pick up most of the remaining tab out-of-pocket. But what if there was a better way?

                Find out how Health IQ can replace your work health insurance so you can stop paying for something your employer should be providing for you!

    8. As the first and last word in health insurance, if you don't know this topic then you can't even begin to make a decision on what insurance is right for you.

                What should be your top considerations? Health care law by the state? Are our work hours a factor? These are just two of the many things that go into understanding how employer-sponsored health insurance works. If you want to know about any of these topics, we can help you learn more about them.

                We want to save our customers from wasting their money on health insurance they don't need which is why our team of experts is on call 24/7 ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    Contact us today so that we can help guide you through this process and make sure that when the time comes your purchasing process will be fast and smooth!

    9. If you have employer-based health insurance, this could be bad news for you.

    9.1-employer-based health insurance

                With the repeal of the Affordable Care Act looming in the background, employers may decide to ditch their employees’ current health care coverage. If your employer does that, even if they continue to offer health insurance benefits, it may not be as comprehensive as it is now.

                With the end of employer-sponsored health insurance insight, it’s important to start thinking about where your healthcare needs will come from now.

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