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    Costco QuickBooks Checks: How to Easily Deposit Checks

     Costco QuickBooks Checks: How to Easily Deposit Checks

    If you do any type of business with Costco, you’ve probably heard about the great Costco checks that they offer to their customers. When I started my business, I needed an easy way to deposit my checks easily, so I found out about these great checks from Costco and learned how to use them without hassle. Today, I’ll show you how it works!

    5-Step Checklist for Depositing Checks Into Your Bank Account

    1. Sign-in to Costco Business Services  (costco business checks for quickbooks

    2. Select the Deposit Checks tab  (costco checks for quickbooks

    3. Enter the account information where you want to deposit the check and select your desired payment type, as well as any options that may apply such as stopping payment or depositing multiple checks at once  (costco business checks for quickbooks, costco checks for quickbooks

    4. Enter each check amount that you want to deposit 

    5. Click Start Depositing  (costco business checks for quickbooks, costco checks for quickbooks

    4 Reasons Why This Works So Well

    Many people are looking for an easy way to deposit checks, and have been wondering if there is an easier way than just having someone else in their company come in and enter the transactions. The new Costco business checks for QuickBooks will make this process easier, because it allows you to take your cellphone and take a picture of the check with its special costco checks. This can save you up to 15 minutes of time, while still being able to get deposits done on a regular basis. There are many ways that these checks can make your life easier, so we recommend them for businesses across the country!

    Tell Your Bank you are Going to Deposit Cheques from Other Institutions

    Your bank may charge an extra fee for other institutions' cheques, but the reason that your business may need these is because you have the costco quickbooks checks for the Costco Business Services. With this account, all you need to do is just go ahead and get the Costco checks for quickbooks. The bank charges a fee that's not even worth it when they would process regular cheques free of charge. But what we'll do instead is set up a contact so that the Costco company can print out cheques, or know where to send them to if they happen not be able to, which should streamline the transaction process. That way there won't be any confusion about who got paid and how much as soon as you start taking in more clients and growing your business!

    Print the PDF file of your Costco Check

    It's never been easier to deposit checks with Costco checks for quickbooks. Not only does Costco offer their customers a cost-effective way of running their business, but now you can use their services for the check printing process. 

    We know how busy you are, so we've outlined a step-by-step process that will make your life easier: 

    Step 1 - If you have an existing Intuit or Quicken account go ahead and log in there now. 

    Step 2 - Go to Costco Check Payment Service site and select Create Account under New User Sign Up (top right corner). Fill out your information on the page and click Continue (middle right hand side of the page). Complete your new account information by following all instructions carefully.

    Reconcile your account every month

    It's important to reconcile your account at the end of every month, and that includes clearing out all the Costco business checks you've written that month. If you're using a tablet or smartphone, go through and view each check transaction individually and make sure it matches up with what's on your Costco costco quickbooks checks. You can use an envelope for storing your Costco business checks for quickbooks so they don't get mixed in with the rest of your office supplies. Or, use them as a bookmark and mark off one by one as you deposit them until there are no more left!

    Write in the check numbers as you deposit them

    1. Scan your Costco business checks for quickbooks, or enter the check number if you wrote it on the back of the check 

    2. Enter your checking account and routing number, then click Enter 

    3. Review all of the information entered, and when everything looks correct click Submit Check 4. If you have any errors in entering your Costco business checks for quickbooks, the system will let you know what’s wrong with a message at the top of the screen 

    5. Click Continue Check Entry if there are no errors and you want to continue entering other Costco business checks for quickbooks 

    6. Otherwise click New Check Entry to start over

    Wait for your bank balance to go up 🙂

    Costco business checks for quickbooks are a great way for Costco members who use the store's check writing service and accounting software to process their business checks. These pre-printed checks can save you time, since your name and other identifying information is already on the back of each check, saving you from filling out paperwork before depositing them. Plus, you'll also have an easier time reconciling your account statements with less hassle. 

    Finally, these Costco checks help speed up the process by including instructions right on the front of the check in plain English that instructs you when it is appropriate to file the expense on your tax return. On top of this, they are manufactured with high quality paper that can handle more wear and tear so you'll avoid paper jams or accidental tears.

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