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    3 Simple Tips to Save on Payroll Costs for Your Small Business

    3 Simple Tips to Save on Payroll Costs for Your Small Business

    With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your extra money (assuming you have any). Here are 3 simple tips to save on payroll costs for your small business. These tips will help you save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars over the course of your first year in business! Not only that, they’ll also help you spend more time doing what you love - running your business! So let’s get started! 

    1) Hire Slowly

    If you're like most business owners, when it comes to hiring a new employee, you'll think about the time, expense and commitment involved before taking that first step. You can ease some of these pressures by implementing the following three strategies:

    2) Partner With An Employment Agency- An employment agency can work as an extension of your HR department, helping you find candidates while offering specialized services and support. In other words, consider working with a reputable employment agency that provides payroll small business services that suit your needs. An agency is in the best position to determine how many qualified people are available in your area, how much they cost and what their qualifications are. They also help keep track of payroll tax requirements, which would save you from having to maintain records and calculations yourself.

    6) Investigate Tax Deductions- What's better than saving money? Saving money AND reducing taxes! According to H&R Block*, if one out of every five employees qualifies for earned income tax credit (EITC), then you could be eligible for up to $3,735 in savings! Talk with your accountant or CPA who specializes in payroll small business services if this applies to you or has any insight into maximizing this deduction.

    2) Hire Mostly Full-Time Employees

    Hiring an employee is always a great idea because of the stability it can provide. Another option would be hiring more full-time employees and scaling back the need for part-time labor. The great thing about payroll services, specifically payroll small business services, is that they offer flexibility when paying employees that you might not otherwise have if you were doing payroll yourself.

    One possible way to save on your small business's payroll costs is to choose between a traditional full-time employment status or adopting a part-time status with reduced hours. This will vary based off your needs and budget so it's important that you get professional help in deciding what best suits your business so that all opportunities are available when seeking new ways to save money. Continuation (six+ sentences using at least one of these words or phrases: payroll small business services, payroll services for small business, best payroll for small business, payroll for small business): Looking at things from a long-term perspective is also vital as sometimes investing in quality talent today can mean savings down the road. It's never too late to start thinking ahead to optimize future expenses!

    3) Manage Their Schedules Wisely

    While you'll want employees with a wide variety of skills, some positions can be substituted without any effect on productivity. There are plenty of businesses that could operate without a human resources specialist if they used payroll small business services. Once the right positions have been identified, the next step is deciding how best to use their schedules wisely. Employees who work in different locations require care: Some might need specific hours while others could take up overtime when they're needed most. This can be tricky and will likely require input from everyone's supervisor and HR representative before it's finalized, but it will definitely be worth it in the end! 

    When working with payroll small business services, one of your goals should be streamlining payroll processes. One way to do so is by making sure shifts aren't filled by unqualified people just because no one else applied for them yet or no one else has worked there long enough to fill them out. If you make sure every employee can fill at least one shift, you can easily stagger your workforce based on each individual’s availability rather than on strict rules about experience or job level. This gives managers more control over staffing needs as well as job responsibilities which makes both scheduling and filling out new positions easier down the line too!

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