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    Affordable Payroll for Small Business - Don't overspend on your payroll!

     Affordable Payroll for Small Business - 

    Don't overspend on your payroll!

    Many small business owners simply don’t take the time to find an affordable payroll service. They are forced to pay too much because they fail to do their homework, or they simply aren’t aware of what’s available to them. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are several payroll providers out there who specialize in providing the highest level of service at prices that are both affordable and competitive with other providers on the market. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your small business payroll costs low while still getting the service you need

    Introducing FlexiPay

    FlexiPay is an affordable payroll service that takes care of all of the complicated calculations and tax filings so you don't have to. We handle everything from calculating taxes, issuing paychecks, and managing year-round employer contributions like benefits. Now you can afford payroll for small business without taking any time out of your day. And our services are available at a competitive price point because we're committed to making sure our clients get the best value for their money. If you want affordable payroll for small business or just want more information about how FlexiPay can work with your budget then call us today!

    What is FlexiPay?

    FlexiPay is an affordable and efficient way to meet all of the tax requirements of any business with a team that needs to be paid weekly or bi-weekly. For example, if you have four employees and pay them every two weeks, FlexiPay is a perfect fit. If one person leaves or changes their hours, it's easy to adjust their paycheck to reflect the change in their employment status. FlexiSaveTM is the only self-serve system available that offers affordable payroll for small businesses and updates every Wednesday, so there's no need to wait until Friday night before learning about possible employee deductions from that week's paycheck. With FlexiSaveTM , the best part is: It doesn't cost anything to try! You can use our affordable payroll for small business plan at no charge for 60 days—the same period that many employers use as a probationary period. After this time, most users are pleasantly surprised by how little they're charged. Employees love knowing when they're going to get paid because they don't have to worry about it being too late in the day or not getting their work done fast enough when they finally do find out what they'll be receiving each week. We offer affordable payroll for small job seekers too by providing new hires with a simple yet powerful solution where contributions are taken automatically out of every paycheck based on how much they want deducted.

    How it works

    Plan ahead and contact Paycheck Prime. You can get free assistance with the design of an affordable payroll for small business with help from our staff. We can even set up a time to speak with you about your specific needs and then recommend an option that will be easy to understand and maintain. Best of all, our services are available at an affordable price that won't break the bank and allow you to pay employees as soon as they deserve it. Affordable payroll for small business has never been easier or more affordable than with Paycheck Prime! Our expertise in this field is unparalleled; we have everything you need when it comes to payroll, no matter what size company you work for. And we don't charge a hefty fee like some other companies out there- we keep prices affordable so that small businesses can get the service they need without worrying about breaking their budget. Get in touch today if you want access to affordable payroll for small business with no strings attached!

    Benefits of using FlexiPay

    Rather than spending money on expensive full-time employees, why not spend a little more time outsourcing some of the tasks with FlexiPay? With affordable payroll for small business, you can be sure to have all the basics covered. 

    Whether you're looking to focus more time and energy on the growth of your company or whether you're just unable to find the right person to fill a role, FlexiPay is here to help. We provide innovative online software that's easy-to-use and doesn't require any complex set up or installation process. The software provides important information about every single worker so that it's easier for you to manage them as well as assign tasks with ease.

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