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    Crazy Woman Claims Sallie Mae Products Are Making Her Son Crazy!

    Crazy Woman Claims Sallie Mae Products Are Making Her Son Crazy!

    Your child has just finished college and it’s time to pay back those student loans, but Sallie Mae has some crazy interest rates and insane penalties for missing a payment or paying early! A woman from New York recently contacted me about her son’s student loans, claiming that the company was making him crazy with the numerous late fees they were charging him. I decided to investigate this further and will share my findings in my next article on how to fight Sallie Mae fees and reduce your student loan payments. Stay tuned!

    Paragraphs 1 & 2 about Sallie Mae and their business practices

    Sallie Mae is the nation's largest student loan provider and over $140 billion in federally guaranteed student loans that they issued. The vast majority of these loans were made to parents of current and former students (and/or their co-signers) as part of a financial aid package. Loans made in this way, with the school and the lender acting as trustees, are known as private student loans and it is only possible to obtain them from lenders who have been certified by the US Department of Education or authorized for a specific period by regulation or other rulemaking.

    Sallie Mae products are available from retailers nationwide, and are usually sold by banks, credit unions, colleges or universities. If you can't find an institution near you that offers Sallie Mae products, you can also call 1-800-730-3272 to learn more about your options. The words sallie mae products are making her son crazy.

    Paragraph 3

    I think I know why my son is acting up so much and that's because he's been on sallie mae products for the past year and he'll be 20 next month. If I had known about this sooner I never would have let him use them. Ever since he started using sallie mae products he has been acting completely different from when we used to go to church together as a family back when we were happy, but now its like not even the same person anymore. When I talked to his friends about it they told me that all of their parents give them these drugs and they don't have any problem with it. But how can you expect someone who isn't even an adult yet to handle something like this? 

    One day I looked at my son and realized he doesn't need all those sallie mae products, he needs his mommy. And just like that my son got better, he stopped being crazy and things went back to normal again. Now we are back in church as a family and our lives are better than ever before thanks to getting rid of those evil sallie mae products.

    Paragraph 4 with an anchor link to video

    In the video below, this mom claims that her son has become psychotic since using sallie mae products and is begging for people to pay attention. 

    In the first few seconds of the video we hear a woman's voice in the background pleading with someone on the phone to pay attention and get him out. This is her son as a young child, who she reports has been deteriorating over time. She claims his behavior can be attributed to sallie mae products he started using while attending college when they switched from public funding to private funding in 2010. With each subsequent year, she reports seeing her son go crazier and crazier while they ignored all of their warnings.

    Call To Action (CTA) in the form of an email address or phone number

    Hello, thank you for reading this post on sallie mae products. While this blog post is not affiliated with the company, I am happy to be able to help those who are trying to educate themselves about the effects of this company's products. If you would like to find out more information or report a sallie mae product side effect, please email me at: susan dot lambert at comcast dot net. Thank you for your time. 

    As crazy as it sounds that sallie mae products can cause mental health problems in some consumers, there is quite a bit of evidence that they may lead to serious psychiatric disorders and even suicide ideation in some cases. In fact, many stories from families whose children were affected by sallie mae-produced opioid medications has inspired parents across America to call for stricter regulation and more oversight when it comes to marketing these potentially dangerous substances to young people. 

    If you’re concerned about an addiction or other adverse event associated with prescription drugs, we can help. Contact us today for more information on how we can fight back against deceptive marketing by companies like sallie mae and hold them accountable when their negligence leads to serious injury or death.

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