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    Google My Business Is Shutting Down! Here's What You Need to Do Now

     Google My Business Is Shutting Down! Here's What You Need to Do Now

    If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely use Google My Business, the platform that helps businesses manage their Google profiles and build their online presence. That’s why we were shocked to hear this week that Google will be shutting down its Google My Business platform on April 30th, 2019! This means that your business listings will be deleted permanently—yikes!

    I am David. I want to save your business from closing its doors.

    Google My Business is shutting down on July 31st, 2018. Why? Because they want you to use the shiny new product that they are launching: Google Business Search. Before using it, however, you must transfer your content (written reviews and photos) into Google Business Search. And what happens if you don't? No worries, even though your business won’t show up in Google local search results anymore, at least you'll still get email notifications from them every month or so - after all, no one wants missed calls. The big difference between Google Local and Google Business? The former updates each day while the latter updates weekly - which means that people will be less likely to notice when your business closed its doors. Why did they change things?

    Google My Business (GMB) will be shut down on March 30, 2019

    On March 30, 2019, Google will officially shut down its platform for updating and adding new information to Google My Business. The good news is, you’re not being left in the dark: there’s a new plan in place to update your business listing on all of Google’s platforms, including Search, Maps, and Search Ads. With updated insights into how users are searching for local businesses across Google platforms, you can be confident in optimizing your campaigns with current location data. Don’t wait until it’s too late — learn more about what you need to do right now.

    Steps For Owners Who Are Going To Lose Their GMB Listings

    Google has announced that it’s shutting down Google My Business (aka GMB). The last day for Google business owners is July 2nd, 2019. It’s important to note that even if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you can still have a business listing; however, starting July 2nd, your business listings won’t be searchable. They will only be accessible by having their ID number. This is huge news and we know that most small businesses are already losing sleep over it. But there’s nothing you can do now to prevent your GMB page from going down so start planning as early as possible now so you won't lose any potential customers when July comes around.

    Steps For Newcomers

    Since Google is shutting down accounts next month, you must go into your Google My Business account and make sure it meets all of Google’s standards for a valid business. The steps for newcomers are: Sign up for a free Google Business Account, which you can do directly from within your Google Maps profile. Create a local listing, like a store or restaurant, where you have some customer interaction (you can also claim an existing listing here). If you don't have many customers or interactions in a specific place yet, set up shop elsewhere and then transfer everything over once your business is established enough.

    Tips To Create An Effective Facebook Page Instead Of A GMB Listing

    Your Facebook page is much easier to update and maintain than a Google My Business listing. You can change or add new photos, create polls, post daily specials and events, introduce new staff members - anything you want on your Facebook page as often as you like. In fact, unlike Google business listings that are restricted to 100 characters of text (including spaces), businesses on Facebook can use up to 4500 characters for each status post.

    The Importance of Directories Such as YELP and Foursquare

    Google has announced that they are shutting down Google My Business on March 10th, 2019. This means that after March 10th, no new accounts will be allowed, and businesses will lose all access to their data once June 7th rolls around. But don’t worry - your current listings won’t go anywhere (and if you think you might want access to your account later on down the line, you can always pause and reactivate at a later time). The good news is that starting January 11th of 2019, Google will start transferring businesses from GSB to its partner directory - Yelp for Business.

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